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Welcome to the WRoCAH


Welcome to the WRoCAH Journal

The WRoCAH Journal is an interdisciplinary student publication, bringing together some of the exciting work by PhD researchers from the universities of York, Sheffield and Leeds, from across the arts and humanities fields.

Now in its sixth issue, as ever, we hope to give all students a chance to experience the rigorous peer review process before applying to national academic publications.

But we are more than a practice forum: we are a showcase for talented researchers to exhibit and discuss their work with the wider academic community.

We are currently seeking submissions for our sixth issue. Contributions are not limited to WRoCAH students alone and submissions from postgraduate students based at any of these universities are encouraged.

Accepted submission will be published in our next issue (Vol. 6) which will be available on our website. This is a great opportunity to share and profile your research.

The WRoCAH Journal is committed to disseminating diverse forms of research. As such, submissions may include:

  • Academic articles (including co-authored texts)
  • Practice-based research in any format
  • Video essays/presentations
  • Creative pieces (such as poems, reflective writing, visual art)
  • Articles on methods or research approaches

Please submit an expression of interest through this Google form by 18 October 2021: https://forms.gle/UmxrbNQM71nHVWEB6. For articles, we require a traditional abstract. For alternative submissions, simply a summary of your intended contribution suffices.

Expressions of interest will be reviewed and you will be notified of the outcome by 1 November 2021. Final submissions will be due by 17 January 2022. Academic articles should be 3000 – 5000 words in length and use the MHRA (footnote) referencing style. The length of other submissions is at the discretion of the contributor(s) and editorial team.

Please contact journal@wrocah.ac.uk for more information.

Current Issue

Read our latest WRoCAH journal issue.

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