Welcome to issue 2 of the WRoCAH Student Journal.  When I first heard that WRoCAH did not have its own journal, I was surprised. It seemed obvious that an organisation as founded on collaboration as WRoCAH would have leapt at the opportunity for a collaborative journal.  In truth, they did leap at it, rather taking me by surprise when I realised that I was ‘it’.  But that’s where my claim to fame has to end.  From the start, this journal has been the result of the tenacious labour of a team of people.  I want to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to the authors, the editors, the proofreaders and the editing board for giving up their time and energy to make this journal happen.  Without their work, it would not be able to continue.

And so it should continue, as challenging as it is.  From start to finish, each issue presents its own wasp nest of obstacles, new skills to learn and new ideas to try.  All our contributing editors and proofreaders have gone the extra mile to try to meet the demands made of them and all the articles in this issue reach a very high standard because of this.  It is a demonstration of just how much writing an academic article is a team effort.  At each stage, we have trusted our contributors to use their knowledge and initiative to get the article to the next level so that they can pass on the baton.  No one person can take all the credit just as no one deserves to be overlooked when it comes to handing out the praise.

Aside from the technical challenge, this issue is a fascinating conversation of ideas.  We are very proud of the diversity of subject matter, languages and disciplines which are represented in this collection of articles.  Our authors all show great enthusiasm, depth of knowledge and potential.  We hope that they will be encouraged by what they have achieved with us to go on to publish academic articles in established journals and so make their voices heard in the larger debates in their respective fields.  Just as we hope that all the readers will take up the conservation within our cohort and take advantage of this issue to find like-minded colleagues, who will happily spend an hour or two with them over a pint in the corner of some bar, thrashing out some obscure theory.  You probably know the one I am thinking of.

So settle down with a mince pie and a glass of mulled wine as you dip into the wonderful workings of someone else’s mind.

Merry Christmas and happy reading from the WRoCAH Student Journal Team.