WRoCAH Journal Issue 1: Editorial

Welcome to the inaugural issue of the WRoCAH Student Journal. We hope that you will agree with us that it’s been a long time coming! The WRoCAH network is bursting with potential and our plans for this journal are no less ambitious. We aim to provide a platform for you, our fellow students, to share and showcase your research, your latest discoveries and your burgeoning thoughts both with each other and with the wider academic community. We are looking for articles, book reviews and commentaries which explore all areas of the arts and humanities.

You may already be aware how important it is to get published while doing a PhD, especially for those budding academics amongst us, and while this journal may not yet count towards your REF, we hope that it will be a valuable experience, a handy stepping stone, towards submitting that first article to a professional journal. This Student journal is partly intended as a relaxed space to get that first experience with submitting and receiving objective editorial comments on an academic piece of writing. For each issue, there will be a page on the websites to make comments on articles that you have read and start conversations which may well lead to collaborative projects for the future.

The articles in the present issue, though not deliberately brought together as part of a theme (look out for those in future issues), all show ways of imaginatively adapting our historical, political and cultural heritage to show its continued relevancy for the twenty-first century. They show how culture and ideas cross borders and time periods with increasing flexibility and evermore innovative results. We hope that you will find in them inspiration for your own research and maybe articles for later issues.

This is an entirely voluntary scheme, funded by WRoCAH and generously supported by what has already proved itself to be an amazing team of proofreaders and subeditors making our aim of publishing up to four issues a year well within the limits of the possible. The Student journal is published entirely online on a separate website affiliated to WRoCAH. We expect, over the coming years, to establish a schedule whereby we launch the call for papers at the same time as we publish the latest issue. The contributors of the current issue are very much a model of how we hope to continue, opening the opportunity to publish in the Student Journal to MA, PhD and prospective PhD students from across the White Rose universities to get as wide a readership as possible.